Swift of Pen

Ludwig Wittgenstein said, ‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world’.

My world remains limited while I await a second edition. My website is a mirror. My language, none the less, maintains it has limitless possibilities. These possibilities will be revealed at my leisure. And yours. So, I guess that would be ‘at our leisure’. Whoever you are.

I can be contacted via my contact form. I expect that’s why it’s called a contact form. Or, at least, that’s what they tell me. Whoever they are. But I don’t trust them. So, if you’d rather send a courier pigeon, I’m okay with that.


I specialise in children’s, middle-grade and young adult literature as well as poetry and spoken word. However, I’m also happy to provide editing services, where suitable, for adult and emerging adult fiction, short stories and flash fiction, informative, technical and promotional pieces.

Simple (Copy editing and/or Proofreading) $35 p/hour

Structural (Copy editing with additional advice including but not limited to concepts of voice, plot, character, setting and audience appropriateness ) $50 p/hour.

Subject to change/negotiation based on the variable nature of needs and project type.


For a more personal experience, you may like to consider my mentoring option. I love meeting new, enthusiastic and inspired writers who are looking to further their involvement in the literary world. Whether you are wanting to write a book, have written a manuscript but are unsure of the next step towards publication, would like to enter the world of freelance writing, or simply enjoy being involved in the literary community but are not sure where to start, mentoring can be a pathway to progress in your literary endeavours.

A mentoring partnership would be tailored to suit individual needs but may include advice and direction on:

• Planning, writing and editing manuscripts;
• Pitching completed manuscripts to primary and independent publishers;
• Pitching shorter pieces to journals and competitions;
• Pitching to literary agents;
• Self-publishing;
• Local events, meet-ups and clubs;
• How to promote your work through the internet, social media and public events;

as a literary mentor, I may also provide a sounding board to overcome blocks and other common problems (let’s face it, writing is a solitary occupation); or perhaps you’re simply looking for a friendly introduction to the local scene and a feeling of connectedness to the writing community.

• Initial Consultation (free)
• Ongoing services by negotiation (standard hourly rate $65)

Content Writing

In addition to literary mentoring, I also enjoy helping entrepreneurs and sole traders ensure they are making the most of language and its may platforms in business startup and growth. I offer basic content writing and editing, marketing and promotion (planning and support), as well as casual and ongoing pre-post content revision for local businesses. The following rates are provided as a guide but, due to the variable nature of marketing and promotions needs, I am happy to negotiate fees to suit individual requirements on an ongoing or casual basis.

The following rates:

• Initial meeting /consultation – 30mins – free of charge
• Content and Promotions Brief – 1-3 hours ($50 p/hour)
• Follow up consultations –1-3 hours ($50 p/hour)
• Content writing ($60 p/hour)


I cannot thank Kristy enough for all of her help, not only with content creating and editing but also for mentoring me throughout my business startup. It’s because of Kristy that I have the confidence I need to run and advertise my business.
- Amanda Thomas, (Director of Amanda Jade Fitness)


Kristy is my go-to-girl for fast and reliable editing when I need to be sure and confident about the content of an email, letter or professional document.
- Rob Weston, (Construction manager Downer)

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