Hello World! Welcome to my website.

I’m Kristy-Lee: Mornington Peninsula verse novelist, occasional ninja, everyday poet & anything writer.

While working on further stories and further studies, I’m eagerly awaiting a second edition of my debut release : It’s Your World. But not only. Consider a little bit of also. Expect 90s flashbacks, possibly the most peculiar game of chess you’ve ever encountered, oceanic escapades, little oddballs, coastal voices &, as always, a good serve of poetry. I find it best served…tepid.

When I’m not swiftly penning or in pursuit of a pencil, I’m available for freelance who’sama’whats (that translates…from a dead language that was used once by a promising but destined for demise civilisation I once found under my six-year-old’s bed after Gathering Night…to writing & other forms of literary-based, uh, stuff). If you feel you would benefit from assistance with your literary who’sama’whats check out my Freelance services for more formal-sounding information.

For some insider insight into my literary missions, mental meanderings, word wars and whimsical whatevers, feel free to connect on…okay wait, I’m changing up my socials in a Covid-friendly fashion. You know, new normal and whatever the next catch-phrase may be. It might be an initiative worth watching out for, currently being fashioned by this guy I know, Norm Newble. Instagram, Facebook or follow my Blog that doesn’t quite exist yet. It may not even be a blog. It might be a newsletter. I’m getting forum feels. I might do all of them. But, I kid you not, I am doing the thing. So, you might need a time machine or some patience while I’m scanning my hat stand.

To cap things off, my recommendation (and, considering I am me, I think you’d agree the source is reliable) is to just sign up to my a newsletter. One day, I’ll pop randomly by and surprise you. Again, time machines & hats. But I’m doing it, so, sit down and relax while I work on being (fashionably) late to my own life.

Upcoming news and events

5th of March - Join the Peninsula Writers' Club at Bistro Elba in Sorrento (6:30-9pm) to hear Children's Author, Pat Guest share some writing wisdom.

8th of March - I'll be at Seawinds Community Hub, in lock down with my laptop, and the company of the Peninsula Writers' Club. The monthly Write-In commences at 10am.

31st of March - Poets’ Corner will be holding their first official open mic Gathering of 2019 at the Blue Bay Café. Doors open @ 5:30. Bookings essential.

16th of April - YA author, Mark Smith will be speaking at Café Elba in Sorrento (6:30-9pm). Join the Peninsula Writers' Club for what's sure to be another wonderful literary evening.

About Kristy-Lee

Hello World! Welcome to my website.

While residing with my husband and two daughters on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, I released my debut verse novel It’s Your World (May, 2017).

So, I am now an author. I am also a wife and mother, a content writer/editor, a property developer and ninja in training and a bunch of other things. I’m even a poet sometimes. You can usually catch me down at the Blue Bay Café on open mic night.

I was educated at Chisholm TAFE and La Trobe University. I loved being a student and miss it terribly. So, I’m pleased to have found the Peninsula Writers Group and Poet’s Corner to help fill the void. Continue reading.

Swift of Pen Writing Services

As an author and poet, I feel strongly about the power of language. Ensuring that words best reflect intended meaning, idea or ideology is my passion. Whether in the artistic, academic or business sphere, as Ludwig Wittgenstein said, ‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world’.

Swift of Pen offers quality professional writing and editing services on the Mornington Peninsula. All enquiries welcome… See all writing services


It’s Your World

With my debut novel, It’s Your World, set free into the wild, I’m scribbling up a fenzy to get my next and next and next books on their merry way to availability.

And, as for the so-called adults, I’ve been concocting a gorgeous little collection of poems and idylls as well as a book about a very unusual game of chess (staring Old Pokey the Bishop).

My second YA novel (this one’s a blend of verse and prose) is all about a girl called Polly Esther Rose.It’s a bit deeper and darker with a side order of confusion and chaos.

I’m also excited to be exploring the world of middle grade fiction with a couple of series in the pipes.

My debut release, It’s Your World, can be purchased securely through this site. If you’d like your copy signed, please contact me with the name and age of the recipient.

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